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Where Can I Get Free Ethereum? Free Ethereum Earning Sites

by CryptoWordTalk
Where Can I Get Free Ethereum

After learning that Ethereum investing requires sweat and brains you might wonder if you can actually earn Ethereum (ETH) without having to invest. It may seem wasteful to try to find out how to get free Ethereum, even though you know that there is no free lunch or money tree. You can spend your time more productively than searching for ways to get free Ethereum and buying a piece of the sky.

How can you earn free Ethereum?

You can visit websites where Ethereum is theoretically flowing free of charge if you don’t have the funds to buy or mine it. These websites are known as Ethereum faucets and offer small amounts of ETH for completing captchas and interacting with ads. Even if you do repetitive tasks or interact with aggressive ads, the amount of Ether you’ll receive at the end is not enough to make a significant difference. These sites often have a minimum amount you must earn before you can receive Ether.

These are just a few examples from Ethereum faucet websites.

  • Ethereum-Faucet.org
  • CC24
  • Lolifuu ETH Faucet
  • Ethereumfaucet.info
  • Rocketfaucet.win

Here is a list of ETH faucets that is updated on a regular basis. These sites may ask you to disable your adblocking software. They also have high cash out limits. Be careful about how you invest your time and resources.

You can also try different mobile apps if you’re interested in free Ethereum. With a “push” button they can send Ethereum to you. The same “currency” is also given to friends who send or receive the appropriate app codes. Other mobile apps are based on games and lotteries. You might like apps such as:

  • Ethereum Faucet
  • Free Ethereum spinner
  • Faucet Run

Are Ethereum Faucets worth it?

Only the faucet game’s real winners are those who manage them. Even then, they don’t likely make much. You wouldn’t either. Even if you found a legitimate faucet that offered huge rewards, it’s unlikely you’d make more than $1 an hour.

You should also be aware that scammers and hackers may try to trick you into buying Ethereum. They may offer to give you ETH free of charge or exchange you for small amounts of other currencies. Don’t fall for these scammers. Instead, expose them on social media and warn your friends.

Even if there are legitimate Ethereum faucet websites, learning how to get free Ethereum would be a better investment than studying traditional methods of earning ETH.

Alternatives to the Ethereum Faucets

Mine Ethereum. Mining Ethereum comes with some initial costs. However, it is still the best way to earn Ethereum. Although it’s not free, mining has a lot more potential to generate significant returns.

Purchase a cloud mining contract. You can also rent equipment in an Ethereum mining rig and buy a cloud mining agreement. While you will receive your share of rewards in your wallet, it is important to know the breakeven period before signing a deal.

Buy Ether. Buy Ether on an exchange. This is the easiest way to get a large amount. Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp are some of the best places to begin your trading career. You can buy ETH using dollars (USD) and euros (EUR). You can also use our Price Tracker tool to determine the best price for buying/selling ETH.

You can work for Ether. Your talents can be unleashed for Ether. You can work for Ether regardless of your skills in accounting, writing, or design. Cryptojoblist.com and Crypto.jobs can help you find job opportunities.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that any job could generate more than $0.5-1 an hour, without you taking on additional risks. While some apps and games may be enjoyable, investment wise, there are better options. Remember that there is no free lunch!

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